4850 Crashing problem solved

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I want to put this up just encase anyone had the same problem I did and if I remember correctly there were a few people that posted the same problem on other forums.

The problem

When I ran anything very graphically intensive (like crysis, furmark, or when I ran a game without vsync on) my PC would crash and I would just see lines on the screen or just see blackness. I even got a replacement for my card and they said it was faulty and sent me a new one but it still happened just less often.


In your bios set the pcie frequency to 100 not auto.

How came to this conclusion

I had just helped my friend build a PC for the first time and he had done a lot of research and as we were overclocking his CPU he mentioned that he heard you should set the pcie frequency on your motherboard to 100 not auto or it will overclock itself during intense graphics. After I had a few more crashes I remembered him mentioning this so I tried it and no more crashing not even in furmark!!! So thanks to him I don't have to worry about crysis cashing anymore and I can finally overclock!!!


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Hey thanks for posting this!
I have the same videocard 4850 and it gave the same problems and i didn't know why.
Thanks for posting this (I thought i was the only one).
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