4pin power connector and other problems

By Dryst999
Jul 26, 2008
  1. So my computer randomly crashed on me the other night... it's pretty old but does what I need it to do. After taking it apart and diagnosing it with a new power supply i've found that when I plug up the 24pin connector without the 4pin connector plugged in and turn it on all my fans work etc.... but as soon as I plug in the 4pin connector nothing happens. The fan twitches for a split second then nothing... no beeps just completely dead.

    I'm guessing this is my MOBO thats fried? It's either that or my CPU i'm pretty sure but I have no idea how to check to see if my CPU is messed up. I removed my heatsink/cpu for the first time today and there's a giant circle on top of the cpu... i'm guessing this is the thermal paste residue? I turned the chip over and nothing looked scorched and it didn't smell funny so does that mean my CPU is ok? Also there's small patches of thermal residue gone on parts of the circle on my CPU... does that mean I need to apply some more paste?

    Finally i'm using old parts.... DDR400, AGP Card 6800GT, p4HT 3.2Ghz, 250gig SATA HD... i'm having a hard time finding a compatible MOBO for it.

    This one right now seems to be my only option... what is a p4 prescott though? Will that work with my p4HT CPU I have now?

    This is what I would like to get... something cheap... but I don't think it has a SATA spot for my HD... am I correct on that?

    Anyway... pls help a semi-n00b like me. If you could suggest a cheaper mobo than that BIOSTAR one pls let me know. Right now I just want my computer to work again as cheap as possible... I plan on building a new gaming rig when income tax comes around but for right now I just want to get a little more life out of my old system!
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