7 svchost.exe running?

By big_eric
Dec 2, 2008
  1. My computer has been lagging up lately and I thought i rid myself of a virus but i guess either i got another one or i never really fixed the problem, and i think i really didn't fix it the first time. I've ran multiple scans of malawarebytes spybot search and destroy and the superantispyware program and they have all come back clean i've defraged my drives and cleaned up files but i'm still getting lag and strange CPU jumps (sometimes it'll hover around 60% others it'll be at 80-100% and then it'll settle down and go back down to 0-4%) This happening when i'm not running any strenuous programs and sometimes when i'm not running anything at all. I have 2 gb of ram and a AMD athlon 64 2X dual core processor 4600+ so I don't believe it would lag up with these components, and the only thing i've done recently is install windows service pack 3 a while back and it didn't effect my computer. So then i look onto my task manager and i notice i have 7 svchost.exe running... some under system some undert netwrok service and one under local service... and i'm not exactly sure if thats normal? theres one inparticular that takes up close to 25000k mem usage but should there actually be 7 of these running...? I attached my hjt.log but nothing seems out of place on that so i'm not sure where to go from here....
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