8 Steps Done and HJ file requires a review

By sivacool86
Mar 28, 2009
  1. I have completed the 8 steps shown in the main forum header. i am attaching the recommended log files.Plz see through this and recommend whether any thing is to be done.
  2. Bobbye

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    It would surely help if you told us what problems you're having!

    About Malwarebytes: No action taken. means you did not check the line " Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected." This means you need to update Malwarebytes and run the scan again with this section checked.

    SuperAntispyware has a similar line: "Make sure everything found has a checkmark next to it,then press 'Next'." IF you did not check that, update and rescan with the program.

    You appear to be dependent on may Google-related features, but this one needs to be removed:
    Remove bad HijackThis entries
    • Run HijackThis
    • Click on the System Scan Only button
    • Put a check beside all of the items listed below (if present):
    • Close all open windows and browsers/email, etc...
    • Click on the "Fix Checked" button
    • When completed, close the application.
    Attach your logs using the paperclip button on the new reply toolbar =>

    Order to follow:
    1. Set a new homepage- we will be removing what you have now. You can change it later.
    2. Update and scan with Malwarebytes
    3. Update and scan with SuperAntispyware
    4. Update and scan with HijackThis again

    Attach all three logs and include some description of the problems you're having.
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