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Mar 2, 2007
  1. I would like to buy an 8800 GTS card for my new system, i havent decided whether to get 320 or 640, but i have some concerns. I was talking to someone i know and he told me not to get this card because it has various issues: poor drivers and support, also he said that the card was released before any DX10 specs were known and thats why its flawed and may not support Dx10 games properly.

    I'm looking for a card which will play my Dx9 games, but when i upgrade to Vista and DX10 in aboyt a year or year and half i would like to use this card for DX10 as well. Can someone tell me if there is any truth to what he said? i'm sure a lot of folks here own 8800 cards and may be they can share their experiences?
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    Get it....

    I own the GTX and let me tell you that its performance in unbelievable. Super smooth in all games with over 100fps average in FEAR. The driver support for XP is pretty good, I have not had any complaints what so ever. As for vista, they where a bit behind schedule with drivers, but they are working on it and I dont think it will be more than a month before they have a great set of drivers for Vista.

    Now as for the directx 10 compatability, noone knows for 100% how these cards will perform in games. There is a lot of smack talk that the revision of directx 10 that the 8800's where built for will not be the same exact revision that is released for Vista. I personally didnt take much of what I read to heart however it could happen. Leaving you with a card with undersirable game play.

    Honostly buying any computer product that says it supports a technology that isnt out yet is a gamble. Nvidia has made such mistakes in the past with the release of their FX series cards. The FX 5800 was sappost to be the pinacle of DX9 gameplay and performed wonderfully in DX8 games however failed miserably when it came to DX9 games. But I highly doubt Nvidia would willingly make this mistake again as it cost them dearly to ATI products of that era.
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    I see, thanks for dispelling my concerns somewhat. I think you are correct in assuming that Nvidia will do everything it can to fix this possible issue with DX10, they have to, in order not to loose ground to ATI like you said. I guess my friend was partially right, though he doesnt actually own a 8800, thats why i decided to bring it up here and see what people's experiences are actually like.
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    I, nor anyone can say there will be an actual problem with the 8800 cards in directX10 apps for nVIDA to fix. Like I said it was just speculation from what I took as "anti nVIDIA" slander on the differnt revisions of DirectX10 that nVIDIA based its 8800's around and what Microsolf will actually offer for Vista.

    So at the moment take the 8800's for what they are worth and said to be capable of. If you are very cautious just wait for the first directX games to come out and see how the 8800's fair in them. It shouldnt be to much longer before we see some titles released.
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    Ok, i see what you are saying. I have to get the card now cause i need to game and need a good vid card. We'll see how this plays out. Thanks for your help.
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