8800GS vs. 8600GT

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Oct 19, 2008
  1. Ok iv'e narrowed it down to these two cards, 1st is the EVGA GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 for 80 with a rebate that makes it 45. 2nd is XFX GeForce 8800 GS 384MB 192-bit GDDR3 which is 80 with no rebate. I don't want any suggestions of other cards because i've gone through all of them and theses are the ones i want to choose from. Can anyone tell me which one is better. The 8600 is clocked at Memory:2000MHZ Core:675MHz and the 8800gs is clocked at core:580MHz Memory:1400 the 8800 also has 96 stream processors where as the 8600 has 32. Can someone please give me some insight on this. I usually play games at around 1280x1024 but can sacrifice down to 1024x768. Thank you.
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    Ok now its between three cards, the 8800gs for 80 the evga "recertified" 8800GTS 320Mb 320bit for 80 or evga 8800gts 640MB 320bit for 90. Im pretty sure the 8800gts is alot better but since they are recertified is it worth it, also is the extra 10 dollars with the 640MB. If i were to get one of the 8800gts's id have to buy a pci-e adapter because they are recertified and i might not get one that comes with it. My max amount to spend is 115 but thats including shipping and tax and a PCI-e molex to 6pin connector if the card doesn't come with one so please find one for under 100. Can someone find me a card with at least the same preformance as that 8800gs on new egg. I'm not very good at picking out whats best cards for the price. thank you.
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    Anyone, any help.
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    Say no to the recertified. At least you have your answer now.
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    I'd sell you a non recert 8800GTS 320 :D

    Actually just kidding I probably wouldn't. Plus its not really allowed to sell stuff here anyway.

    I just looked at prices on newegg and 1 benchmark of the 9600gt vs gso and have decided that if I was going to buy a card in this performance range it would definately be the 9600GSO. Its cheaper than the GT and outperforms it (but not by extreme amounts). I think the 8800GTS 320 did outperform the 9600GT in some benchs and lose in some others, so I think the GSO is probably at least as good as the 8800GTS 320 and probably better in several benchmarks. Not to mention lower power consumption, and doesn't take up 2 bays.
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