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Oct 4, 2008
  1. I got an 8800gt today - but when plugged in there is no display and no beeps. the fans are working and all necessary cables are plugged in. I have tried prioritising onboard graphics and still the same problem. If the card is taken out and onboard graphics used alone then it will work. It is not the PCI-E slot because my old card still works in it. the old graphics drivers have been removed.

    Specs:CPU: Celeron skt775 3.06ghz 346
    Mobo: P4m900m2-l
    Mem: 2gb Corsair ValueRAM PC2-5300
    HDD: 160GB Western Digital
    Sound: 2.0 speakers PC-Line
    OS: XP Pro
    PSU: 370 watt Trust psu (it says on the PSU calculator it's enough)
    Any advice? thanks.

    edit: just realised it's in the wrong forums... could someone move it?
    edit 2: I am trying to install the 8800GT drivers while on integrated graphics... but I get an error saying it is not compatible with my current hardware. I have done it before with my 8400GS (run IG while on drivers)... any way to bypass this?
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    I can almost guarantee you that it's the power supply. Those trust power supplies are cheap and nasty - it won't be supplying enough power to the card.

    Upgrade to something that can handle the card & will last you a while like the Seasonic S12. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/129949
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    if u're onboard video is disabled inthe bios and the drivers uninstalled before hand the drivers should install once the new card is installed if the psu is giving it enough power to ideal. and I agree that psu is not good.
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