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Jan 15, 2009
  1. Hi all,
    im having trouble with running games, from what i can remeber its since i have installed my new bfg 9800gt oc, the desktop runs fine, no problems. However wen i go to run games they will play usually for atleast 10mins and will then just Bsod out, a few weeks before im sure they would just crash to desktop. I tried installing the latest drivers and using a driver sweeper to remove anything. When i try the new drivers as soon as i get past the windows logo boot screen the system ALWAYS bsods so i have to use safe mode and re install the old ones. i have tried:

    *Installing newest drivers (using cleaner)
    *Checked psu voltages in bios all look fine and psu is brand new
    *re install of Xp

    the one thing that i thought could possibly be the problem is my motherboard, it is a Asrock 775 dual VSTA which 4 ppl who dont know could accept ddr1 and ddr2 ram aswell as pci-e and agp cards. The card due to this board is at the max of 4x pci-e, could the board be casuing the problems??

    i also ran memtest, i had a couple of htings also running tho which it says u shudnt rlly but i had 2 :p. It did come up with 1 error which was strange, i dont see that this is the problem due to the circumstances especailly the problem im having with the newest drivers!!!

    my system is
    ASrock 775 dual VSTA mobo
    2 x 1GB corsair xms2 667mhz
    bfg 9800gt oc
    80gb maxtor hdd
    ocz 600w PSU (apparentally has 72amps on the 12v rail (4x18))

    Thank you for any help it is much appreciated, this is driving me nuts!!!!!!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Run your system with the side of the case open and see how the games play
  3. ris118247

    ris118247 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have 1 intake fan at the front, 1 on the side of the case and 1 at the back, i have also checked temperatures which i didnt mention in my previous post, they seem fine. Also if it was overheating i dont see why the computer would BSOD with the new drivers installed before even the desktop was loaded
  4. klepto12

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    install the new drivers and shut down the comp take out 1 stick of ram then reboot it if it bsod on you shut down take out that stick of ram put in the other stick and try again sounds like a faulty ram stick to me. also did you plug the 6pin power connector into the video card?
  5. ris118247

    ris118247 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried it but still exactly the same problem :( its really strange that this new driver BSODS before even getting to the desktop. If it helps i also stopped the computer from restarting automatically upon BSOD, the problem was always NV4_DISP, before anyone says i have already googled this and it seems to be quite a big problem but most solutions seem to be to install the latest drivers but this is exactly what causes mine!!! Thanks for ur suggestion aswell, i thought it might just have worked! oh and yes i do have the power connector into gfx card :)
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