A full-size recreation of the Commodore 64 arrives this year


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First released back in 1982, the original Commodore 64 sported a 1MHz CPU, 64KB of RAM, and cost $595, the equivalent of around $1,550 today. It went on to shift 17 million units, making it the best-selling computer model of all time.

Last year saw a Mini version of the computer launch in the US. Now, the same company behind that device, Retro Games, is releasing a full version called TheC64. Like its 80’s ancestor, the machine comes with a full-sized working keyboard, which offers a more authentic retro experience.

Buyers get 64 (of course) pre-installed games such as California Games, Destroyer, Impossible Mission 1 and 2, Monty on the Run, and the brilliant Speedball 2. Additionally, it comes with a USB port that allows TheC64 to play other Commodore 64 and Vic20 games, including multi-disk titles, while also letting players load and save their game files.

Other features include the ability to switch between old-school C64 and VIC20 modes, as well as a 'Games Carousel' mode. There’s also an HDMI connector for providing 720p graphics at 60Hz (50Hz in Europe), and an 8-button joystick with microswitches.

The Commodore 64 mini received mixed reviews due to its poor collection of games and less-than-stellar joystick, but it looks as if Retro Games has addressed these issues in the next model.

TheC64 releases on December 5 and can be preordered in the UK, Germany, and Italy for £110 ($139) or 119 Euros ($135), with more retailers being added soon.

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I know it might be a little much to ask them to include all the ports of the original (cartridge, 1541/81 disk drive, cassette) but in the very least the unit should include the 2 standard Atari joystick ports like the original. Otherwise it will be pretty limited and lame.
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> it comes with a USB port that allows TheC64 to play other Commodore 64 and Vic20 games

Huh? The C64 & Vic20 didn't have USB ports. Unless they are selling some sort of "cartridge/disk adapter" that plugs into that USB port, this statement makes no sense.

PS: And a Vic20 mode? Seriously? Why???
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