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Oct 24, 2010
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  1. ok ppl i have to find a 15 years old (or something like that) racing game.. it is top-down view rally game, you get monney for first places and u upgrade ur cars: engine, brakes, pitstop crew and tools (for the pit) i think... anyway there are some clips to see what you are about to buy, for example, worst tools are shown as a rubber toy hammer, worst engine looks like it is inflateable balloon, worst pit crew only sleaps on the gear, worst brakes... u run through the ramp with no braking what so ever (with a bit better brakes, u go through the ramp but stay on the edge of a cliff), and the best brakes (my favorite) car stop right away, and the driver flys screaming through windshield and over the ramp.... really nice game, played it in '98. cant find it ever since plz help..
    p.s. in one race there is collosus of rodos above the track but it disapears in a while...
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  3. ebitesej

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    it's not Death Rally nor any other game u can easily search for on the net.. i have tried several times... i have to dig deeper though...

    p.s.thx man.. i ll look into that thread... seems like it can be there....
  4. ebitesej

    ebitesej TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Found it!!!!

    NITRO RACERS!!!! 3DO made it in '97...
    if anyone wants to play the best racing game ever:
  5. Broccolirob

    Broccolirob TS Rookie

    Nitro racers was a terrible game

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