A7V8X-MX SE mother board CPU upgrade

By Davey2108
Jul 27, 2008
  1. Hi all.

    Im new here so forgive me if i seem to be a dumb ***.

    Also forgive me if this has been covered before else where.

    I have a home brew PC set up.

    The mother board is a ASUS A7V8X-MX SE. its currently fitted with a AMD 2600+ CPU.

    What id like to know is can i get an upgrade CPU to make things a bit faster ??

    I cant find my original hand book that came with the mother board.

    I have read that AMD do a 3200+ chip , but I'm not sure if my mother board can take this.
    Also there seems to be several versions too and I'm also unsure if the mother board is even supported any more .

    My PSU is a LC-B350ATX not sure if this will cope with extra drain of a faster CPU ???

    Can any one help me out with some info ??


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    An Athlon XP 3200+ would net you about 2.2Ghz on that board. I am running a mobile Athlon XP in my current desktop, a 2800+, which uses the same socket interface (462/A). I have the CPU overclocked to approx. 2.41Ghz with a stable 200Mhz FSB. The Athlon XP line of processors aren't sold by many retailers anymore; they are highly obsolete now. You could probably find some on eBay though, that's where I got mine.
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