Accelero Twin Turbo connecting to ATI 4850

By Kothas
Jun 19, 2011
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  1. Hello,
    I just bought Accelero Twin Turbo to my ASUS 4850. But 4850 stock fan connector was small I think 3 pin wire. Accelero Twin Turbo connector: [​IMG]
    But that 3 pin doesn't fit to my VGA. Currently I connected it with adapter molex to PSU, but I can't change fan speed. What shall I do?
  2. mailpup

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    It seems that Asus, unlike other video card makers, tends to use non-standard, proprietary connectors. I ran into a similar problem years ago when I bought an Arctic Cooling graphics card cooler for an Asus card I had, a Radeon X850 Pro. After searching the Asus website I found a note that said there was this problem with Asus products and the solution is to cut off the Arctic Cooling connector and splice in the Asus connector. It worked but the wires are small so the operation was tricky. Be careful when you strip the wires and make sure you wrap the spliced wires in electrical tape so they don't short against each other.

    I haven't had to replace a VGA cooler since then but just in case I've avoided Asus graphics cards for this reason. Evidently, after all these years it's still a problem.

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