Access point internet connection through ethernet wall port?

Hi everyone,

Does access point need to be connected directly to the router or would it also work if I connect it to an ethernet port in the wall?

The reason I'm asking is because the router is downstairs in the house I live in, but the wifi connection is very poor in my upstairs room. I have an ethernet wall port in my room and I can connect to internet via ethernet cable, but I want to connect wirelessly. I was going to get an access point but all the articles I've read mentions that it needs to be connected to the router.

I wanted to ask whether I can use access point if I connect it to the ethernet wall port instead of connecting it to the router.

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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If your home has ethernet wall ports, those network cables inside your wall concentrate somewhere, usually a wiring closet in your basement, attic, or some other out-of-the-way place. For you to use those ports, your router has to be connected into that point, usually by a hub or switch (though there are other ways). It's hard to be more specific, without knowing the details of your configuration. Try to find that point in your home, and see what's there. The cables will either be all punched down onto a wiring block, or will have RJ-45 connector ends dangling loose or plugged into something.


I used a EoP device like

This got ethernet to any remote room in the house. From there I attached an Access Point for WiFi access