Account access problem in xp

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Aug 30, 2009
  1. a long time ago i changed the welcome splash screen to look like Vista ; i dont remember much about the steps that i took to do this but i recently created a new user account and when i did so my main administrator account wouldn't show up on the xp welcome screen , i went to the user accounts options menu to find that it wasn't there either so then i went to documents and setting it was there but when i clicked on it it said access is denied which is understandable for security reasons. that night i had a dream that i set my computer to have the classic welcome screen and it made it work. so when i woke up i tried it and sure enough the account that was missing came up and worked. so now my problem is getting it to show up in the modified welcome screen. i dont understand why it is not showing up but it gets annoying having to type in the user name and the password every time i boot xp.
    could it be that it is not working because i modified the welcome screen? if so how do i change it back to normal? if thats not the problem what is?

    thanks for taking the time to read and attempt to help me out

  2. Bobbye

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    Maybe you should go back to sleep and try to dream a fix again!

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
  3. madzach2000

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    huh. that fixed it!
    i got excited for a sec
    so am i making some kind of ***** mistake
    b/c nobody is helping me
  4. LookinAround

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    Download tweakui. It installs itself under C:\Windows\system32. Run it to "tweak" a variety of user interface options (that includes the ability to control which users are displayed on the welcome splash screen)
  5. jobeard

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    IMO, no system should boot directly into any user-login.

    To do so says any intruder from the internet can compromise that account without
    any effort whatsoever.

    All accounts should have a non-trivial password too
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