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Acer 8935g screen blank after GPU driver update

By shadissith
Aug 27, 2012
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  1. Hi all, I recently updated the driver for the Ati card in my laptop, during the installation the screen had gone blank and has stayed that way ever since. But first, heres a back story...

    I started having trouble with the laptop a few months ago when I assume the ati card had overheated and caused the screen to flicker, this laptop comes with an Intel card also which you can switch to by pressing the power save button near the keyboard. The intel card ran just fine, and if I output the video through hdmi, the ati card would work fine also, which led me to believe that there maybe an issue with the screen. Also, if I kept pressing the power save button and switching between cards, the ati card would eventually begin to work normally on the laptops screen.

    I wanted to update my drivers today as they were a couple of years old, I had trouble installing them in the past as there was a conflict between both gpu cards, so I became frustrated and left it. I used Ati's auto detect tool and it began to install the new drivers when the screen went blank. I thought this was normal during a driver update, but I left the laptop running and it stayed that way for over an hour. So I turned the laptop off using the main power button (Probably wasnt a good idea I imagine). Now the screen just stays blank, even if I try to switch to the intel card.

    Any help on this issue will be much appreciated.
  2. magaman598

    magaman598 TS Booster Posts: 188

    It might be the inverter or the backlight for the LCD. Have you tried using the HDMI output on both cards if the Intel integrated supports HDMI out?
  3. shadissith

    shadissith TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello Magaman, thanks for your reply, it seems that I have managed to fix the blank screen problem by taking the Laptop battery out and placing it back in. The Flickering screen issue is still occuring however on the Ati card, when I output through hdmi the card works fine, so I doubt its a problem with the card. Is there a way to repair this issue, or would I need to replace faulty parts?
  4. louis1978uk

    louis1978uk TS Rookie

    That sounds to be the inverter an easy cheap and quick repair its located inside the laptop not the screen its a simple unplug replace about 5 mins including removing covers. unlikely the ati card however what temps did ur 4670xt hit when you say overheating...if u mean over 90 for prelonged time its worth checking and maybe re applying themal past otherwise it should be fine those cards are very hardy things mines been overclocked hard for 2 years no worries...
    also while ur at it go to support.intel.com and check ur intel and chipset drivers are upto date there was a reasonably recent update and its defo worth installing,ur chipsets a gm45 same as pm45 but with 4500hs integrated video card.. just use the auto updater tool on the website to check for you.

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