Acer intros 23" T230H multitouch monitor

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Acer has introduced a new multitouch monitor, the perfect complement to a fresh copy of Windows 7. At 23", the T230H is a bit larger than competing units from HP and Dell, and it has some respectable specifications. With multitouch support, the monitor will recognize both one and two-finger gestures, like pinch-zoom.

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I am planning to replace a 17" 4:3 Acer monitor. It still works great; I just want to upgrade. I was thinking about the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370, but I'll have to give this one a look.


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@Ithryl: With the price tag attached to them, I totally agree. The touchscreen would be a nice little bonus, but certainly not something I'd pay extra for.


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Everyone loves a touch panel,but i just hope they get the weight to slimmness ratio right (i.e. the center of gravity low) You dont want to shove ur pretty panel off the desk while working the win7 magic with your fingers...just a thought cos i've seen it happen with all in ones,which are supposed to have more mass in them due to the mobo n all.


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In my opinion, touchscreens are deff the way forward. As has been said, I will also be waiting until the price drops.

Additionally, I'd like to see something with an optional integrated keyboard at the bottom of the screen (i.e. it can be toggled on and off) and have them a lot more adjustable. My ideal monitor would be able to sit on my desk, almost horizontal, with a slight upward slant (like a control pannel from any sci fi), so I don't have to reach up. It would make it a lot better for extended use. The adjustable part would allow me to sit it in the normal monitor position so I could still kick back and watch a film.

Couldn't say if any current touch screen offers this functionality, havn't really looked into it, but by the looks of this one, it does not.


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As much as I love touch screens, I can not imagine myself sitting behind my desk and stretching my arms towards my monitor. They should make something like this, but for tables, or attached to the side of the table.


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Why are all touchscreen monitors and AIO touchscreen PCs 22" and above? I want to go the touchscreen way with the PC in my kitchen, but 22" is just too big and won't fit. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation.


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Man I've loved touchscreens since back when I first got the old DS. I agree though, the price thing is a bit iffy with them, and there's not too much software to take advantage of having a touchscreen yet, but they are definitely the way to go.


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Not sure what to think about touchscreen monitors.

I just don't see what advantages it has over the traditional way of using a PC - i mean other than just being new and fancy.
They'd probably make sense when they would come with an ergotron flex arm, because i could imagine that one's hand and arm will get tired quite easily when you always hover your finger near the screen...


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I would defiantly get a touch-screen monitor if I get Windows 7 cause without it Windows 7 is not all that different from Vista. Also, I would really love to play RUSE on this baby =)


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I'm with pioneerx01 on this. I'd rather rest my hand on a mouse than lift it to touch the screen.

On second thought, I don't even love touch screens like he says he does. I have one on my phone (Samsung i780) but use the touch pad, and I have one on my old subnotebook, but always used the track point.


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i am really intrigued by this touch screen technology. Now with Win 7 also support it, I think maybe in the future all of our monitors will be otuch screen. The problem is that all of these monitors are made with cheap panels:(


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I don't see a big advantage of having a touch screen, at least not enough to pay an extra 200 bucks compared to similar monitors if the US price is the same as the European price.

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This is the kinda of thing that makes dreams so worth having. I am almost literally drooling and the mere thought of owning one of these. I've been in love with touch screen technology for as long as it's been available and I think it could make it big in gaming if done correctly.

Excuse, I'm drooling on my keyboard now, I'll be right back.


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I like the technology but I honestly don't see myself using it very much. I wouldn't like the fact that you have to reach out and touch the screen. I find a mouse and keyboard to be much quicker and more accurate.

Very nice tech though, but for general computer use and gaming I wouldn't want it. However if it was mounted in my wall and it was a semi dumbed down computer which could be used to turn lights and electronics on or off, or you could choose music and that sort of thing I would love it.


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Touching my screen isnt my thing, I think I would rather spend 500 dollars on a TV, a cheaper monitor. Asus has a real nice 22 inch for about 170. I think Imma go for that, my 16" CRT is finally getting


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I like the idea of touch monitors , but hardly find it practical . I like my screen clean ,scratch free and standing upright, not to mention I don't sit only one foot from my screen . I find it more like a fad than anything and see the industry going in another direction like a better mouse.


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Touch screen monitors? I don't know if I want something that I have to get an arm workout just to check my email. I would be like DATA from Star Trek putting the tiles back into the ships computer, but much slower. I think a touch screen laptop would be pretty cool, but not a desktop. I'm on it way to many hours a day to do the touch screen thing. Anyway I like yell at people who try to touch my non touch screen monitor. I not willing to give that up. It’s like therapy in away.


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The 1080p resolution is a grab, i think this is def trying to get that market away from hp who really market there touch screens as the future. Im thinking in 10 years, all monitors will have a touch ability in them, i just cant stand cleaning the screen tho!


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Definitely pricey @ $514.00 US. I would hope to see a much lower price as competition and demand grows. For me it would more of a "I Want" than a "I need" and I do want it. I do see it as very useful in many business environments.


Is this price (349 euros) for real ?!?
Even if you include VAT in this price you get like 415 euros which in my country is the price of a Tyco 1715L, 17",1280 x 1024, touchscreen monitor.
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