Acer Laptop Internet issues

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Hi, any help would be apprecated.
I am at a friends place for new years and they have a wirelss router. I have an acer laptop with windows vista basic on it (i hate vista with a passion). A few weeks ago my friend did a couple of things to speed up my internet, and ever since i havent been able to connect to the interenet unless i am at home on my network. I dont knw what he did, and i cant get in touch with him. and now unless i am home i cant connect to the internet or i do and it is a "limited" connection and i cant do anything anyway any ideas at all will be helpful. I know i dont have a trojan or worm or anything like that on there i have recently done scanns and they all are clean. but please anyone who can help please do and i will give as much information as i can.
Thank you and happy new year.


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AT home you would be on private network.
On the road you would be on a public network.

Just check Network and Sharing Center for current network settings your on.
At you friends house he should be on private network and you should be able to connect wired or wireless on his network either under guest mode or using his assigned pin passcode.
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