Acer X1200 & Windows XP Install Problem

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Jul 31, 2008
  1. I appreciate any help or suggestions offered.

    I bought an Acer Aspire X1200 which came preloaded with Vista. Two critical programs I use cannot run on Vista and require XP. I reformatted the HHD with FDISK and Format from a DOS command, loaded the Windows XP disk. After all the drivers were loaded from the XP disk, I got the BSOD "STOP: 0x0000007B". I thought there was a problem with the boot sector. I removed the HDD and hooked it to another computer. The Windows install proceeded properly allowing me to partition and format the drive. It loaded the first round of the OS. I removed the HDD and re-installed it to the Acer X1200. BSOD again with the same error code.

    I seem to have narrowed the problem to the HDD controller on the Acer. During boot-up I can see that it is using an AHCI controller. Several posts have mentioned XP not having the drivers in its install disk. I have gone into BIOS to change the ACHI to IDE. Unfortunately, this is not an option in the Phoenix R01-A2 BIOS that Acer installed. There are no other BIOS firmware updates or downgrades that I have been able to locate that would allow me to change from AHCI to IDE.

    I have tried several different generic AHCI drivers (Intel) slipped into the XP install disk using nLite. These have not worked.

    I contacted Acer tech support but they would not provide any information other than "no drivers posted - no support for anything other than Vista". Their website has a file for formatting the HDD (for the X1200) for use in downgrading to Windows XP. However the use of this also results in a BSOD with a STOP: C000021a. Acer has not provided any information as to the actual manufacturer of the HDD controller chipset (where I could get drivers directly from them).

    Does anyone know what drivers I can use that will allow me to access the HDD for a Windows install? Also, if I can load DOS and access the HDD, why can't XP installation load?

    Any ideas on how I can get Windows XP loaded on this machine?

  2. Ididmyc600

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    not sure why you formatted it with DOS first, XP disks can be booted from and the install ran from there, maybe thats the problem.

  3. Cinemagic

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    The XP install disk never got far enough for me to have the option. That's why I first used the DOS disks and then connected the HDD to another computer, ran the XP install disk and that worked fine. I was able to partition and format the disk from XP install CD ONLY after connecting it to another machine. That's how I eliminated the HDD and its MBR as the problem. The drive itself could operate fine when connected to another computer (older MB). But when connected back to the Acer X1200, the drive could no longer boot. It CAN boot with Vista, but not with XP. That's because XP does not have the drivers for the AHCI controller. Acer does not provide any drivers for this machine. Acer does not provide any specifications for this machine. Acer tech support doesn't know anything if it's not listed on their website. So I cannot find out what chipset this computer uses and therefore cannot find the right drivers to use. I do not have the option to change the mode from AHCI to IDE in the system BIOS (which would be a fix if there was an option).

    So what I need is to know what chipset the Acer x1200 uses so I can see if there are XP drivers available. (The generic Intel Mass Storage AHCI drivers do not work.)
  4. fastvince

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    xp drivers

    here are the drivers : (at the end of the article)

  5. terminator911

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    Check the last 2 entries in this thread:

    "The GeForce 8200 is what Nvidia likes to call an mGPU which is just marketing for IGP chipset.

    Go to Download drivers on Nvidia's website.
    Product type: nForce.
    Series: 7.
    Product: 780a/750a.../GeForce 8"

    "After following the above.

    On the download driver page check out the "RAID Floppy Disk Install" PDF on the left-hand "Additional Info" bar for instructions on how to extract the files you need from the package."
  6. Cinemagic

    Cinemagic TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you.
  7. debacker

    debacker TS Rookie

    I had the same issue and this thread was a great help. Thanks!

    However, not that I have XP up and it seems to be ok, there is an issue with the network card drivers. I get the message that "network cable is uplugged" when its not. I got the same message on Vista and had to reinstall the drivers to get the network card to work properly.

    I'm looking for which drivers you all are using for this? I have nvenetfd.inf and nvnetbus.inf in the Ethernet folder of the drivers downloaded from terminator911's link. I try to update driver for the nVidia nForce Networking Controller to either of these, but nothing changes. What should I use as a driver?

  8. Traker1001

    Traker1001 TS Rookie

  9. debacker

    debacker TS Rookie

    Thanks, Traker1001.

    However, I've given up trying to install XP. I finally had it with the nic card working, but then it wouldn't even boot after a restart. I had the nic card back working with vista, but now I've lost it again. This has been insanely time consuming and frustrating. I've restarted this computer more times in the last week than I've restarted my PowerBook in 4 years. Should have stuck with a Mac...

  10. terminator911

    terminator911 TS Rookie

    What's wrong with Vista?

    Why is it that you cannot run Vista on this system?

    After SP1 Vista is much better and with a couple of tweaks it runs like a champ. Why not give it another try?
  11. Traker1001

    Traker1001 TS Rookie

    One thing you might try is a VM on vista loaded with XP. I have to agree vista runs very well after SP1 and I have even grown to like it a little more myself.

    The only reason I am running xp currently is because I need new wireless adapters. Once I get those I will alt-f10 my way back to vista 64.
  12. debacker

    debacker TS Rookie

    I just learned about alt+f10 and will give that route a try to get back my ethernet drivers on Vista.

    I did put XP on through Virtual PC. I need XP to run AutoCAD 2006 (though I can run as an administrator in Vista, it has crashed a few times already, which worries me and I'd prefer not to run it through V-PC because it does require a lot of resources). Also, there is some study software for the Architectural Record Exams that will not run on Vista at all.

    Thanks again for the help.

  13. pmshah

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    I have been fighting with the system for last couple of days. I am able to install XP but after the second reboot it gives me a BSOD.

    The XP drivers are furnished on the included CD. I extracted these and added them to the XP installlation CD using nLite - a process which has worked very well in the past. I tried various different combinations with the same result - BSOD. There was never a chance of installing the drivers from the CD!!!!

    After reading this thread I am going to try once again. Hope the damn thing wotks. Vista installed very smoothly but won't run some of the Cad/Cam application I need.
  14. Stingray57

    Stingray57 TS Rookie

    I recently purchased the Acer x1200. I want to load Windows XP Pro.
    I downloaded the drivers at '', but the system doesn't have a floppy drive. From what I am picking up the drivers have to be loaded while loading the OS. The installation will be asking for a floppy [erm wha?]

    Has anyone actually been able to load XP Pro on this system?
    Please reply and let me know how YOU did it.
    Stingray57 at

  15. pmshah

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    I did manage to do it. This is what I did.

    You will have to prepare fresh installation cd on a different PC.

    Download nLite - 1.48 is the current version - and install it. It does require some version of dotnet framework. Install it.

    Place your unadulterated XP installation cd in the drive.

    Start nLite. point to the cd/ dvd drive as the source. nLite will copy the source to your preferred location on the hdd.

    On the next screen from available options select add drivers & create iso.

    On the next screen point to the location where you have downloaded and extracted the drivers. Select only the sataide driver.

    It will indicate that it is going to integrate the driver in txtmode for boot time loading.

    Continue with the process and when asked give a location for saving the iso. You can leave all other options to default.

    Use your favourite utility to burn the iso & install.

    Beware - this procedure DID not work with a nunber of modified versions of xp that is the reason for suggesting UNADULTERATED.

    With this procedure it went on without any hitch.
  16. XPguru

    XPguru TS Rookie


    Now that pmshah has solved that issue...which is all well and GREAT! We now need to find the right combination of XP DriverPacks to integrate.

    I found that the driverpacks themselves are the problem after XP installs. What happens is...XP installs great if you do what pmshah says. When it reboots, however, it BSOD if you have driverpacks.

    Just so everyone knows my XP of choice...XP DarkLite by CatalogK. usually has it up. Best damn XP I've used, other than Essential XP 2 by BaseballXXXX *somethin*. DarkLite has IE6 but combo. IE 7 sucks...I'm really liking Google Chrome so far.

    Yes...XP DarkLite installed just need to install the SATAide driver, like pmshah said using nLite.

    If I find the perfect combination of DriverPacks...I'll reveal it here.

    Remember...if Windows ME was Windows More Errors...and XP was Xtra Problems...why the HELL would you use VISTA?! That must be the worst.


  17. XPguru

    XPguru TS Rookie

    It's DONE!!!

    Its Done!!!

    After nearly 27 total hours...and thanks to insight from pmshah...I did it!!!

    DO NOT USE DRIVERPACKS at this time! They don't have the sataide driver integrated and for some reason, it blue screens when you try to use DriverPacks. I tried using the sataide driver through nlite after integrating driverpacks too...XP installs then reboots...then Blue Screens! I made sure I did all the right things.

    Here is a step-by-step...doing this from Memory...soooo hopefully its accurate.

    1) Find your favorite copy of XP...any XP should work fine...even lite ones. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO DRIVERPACKS INTEGRATED! or it won't work. I use DarkLite by CatalogK.

    2) Google this: GeForce 8200 download that's the ChipSet Drivers!

    The audio driver is the Realtek HD Audio. Download and extract the installer (see step 3...same thing)

    3) Use WinRAR or some program that use use to extract an .exe installer. WinRAR works awesome for me by right clicking the .exe.

    4) Copy your XP to its own directory. In other words, its own folder.

    5) Download the latest nLite and install

    6) Use nLite to integrate the drivers from the extracted NVIDIA installer. Integrate all the drivers per folder by using the "Multiple Folder..." option. Then select the folder. Integrate each folder but do NOT include the FLOPPY driver...we don't have on in this tower. Integrate the Realtek HD Audio Driver(s).

    7) Customize XP using nLite using its menus...I spent awhile on mine...its soooo worth it not having to do those things everytime!

    8) Create the ISO

    9) Burn the ISO. I use imgburn....some like Nero and all. But imgburn is free...does the same ****

    10) Boot the CD...and set it to install. Watch the unattended magic...then take a deep breath when you see Windows booting up and NO BSOD!!!

    If anyone has any questions...please e-mail me. I'm up for hire too...

    Take Care,


    PS: It just said I could not post an e-mail because I only have one post...if you can post your's...I'll respond.
  18. pmshah

    pmshah TS Enthusiast Posts: 97

    don't overkill

    In my experience you need to integrate only 2 drivers as absolute must. The hdd drivers and the ethernet driver. The latter is optional.

    The first one is absolute must & is the only driver required at boot time. Even M$ realises this and gives you an option of hitting F6 to insert the floppy drive.

    The ethernet driver is required so that one may get on to the net to access manufacturer's site to download all the uodates and / or drivers.

    All other drivers such as graphics and audio can very comfortably be added after the windows starts.

    BTW the driver packs only contain Plug n Play drivers. never the boot time txtmode drivers.

    FYI after using nLite to integrate the sata drivers I DID NOT GET BSOD !!!
  19. iceromeo

    iceromeo TS Rookie

    Help Please

    I have purchased the Acer X1200 Destop with Preloaded Vista. I cant seem to get XP Pro 32bit or 64bit to work. I have used nLite to get the XP Pro 32 and 64bit Files off the original install cd and added the drivers in the IDE folder that i downloaded from but still cant get it to work. Someone that has gotten it to work can you give some more detailed steps as the steps listed in this thread arent enough. Which drivers are the ones i need etc. or can you create the ISO and email it to me at ibknowbodi @ Thnx
  20. pmshah

    pmshah TS Enthusiast Posts: 97

    nLite to the rescue

    I too had a lot of problems with this system. I then learnt the meaning of the word patience.

    I downloaded and installed the nLite program & added the sata drivers to the boot section of the windows installation CD to create a new modified CD. This was of course on a separate PC and used an original - UNMODIFIED - Windows CD as the source. You can certainly add a winnt.sif for unattended installation but that is as far as I would go. No other stripping out or additions to the original.

    The installation was very smooth. As a matter of fact the XP driver CD was bundled in he original Acer package. Did not have to download anything from the net. Only make sure that you add 32 bit drivers only.
  21. iceromeo

    iceromeo TS Rookie

    Xp Pro 64bit

    Well it had Vista Home 64bit edition and i have Xp Pro 32 and 64bit editions. And im trying to find the Drivers. Let me explain what i did and see if im lost. I downloaded the drivers as i dont have a orginal CD Acer is sendinfg some recovery ones tho. it was an .EXE from nvidia and am i suppose to run the exe or use winRAR on the EXE to get the SataIDE Driver? or Can you send me the Driver that you have on the cd as this is killing me by not. When i get home im going to try and winRar the .EXE and see what i get i have made a crap load of failed CDs by not.
  22. pmshah

    pmshah TS Enthusiast Posts: 97

    Well forget about everything. Here is a RS download link which contains the sata_ide drivers for 32 bit winxp. It is the original one furnished by Acer. Since I do not have 5 posts yet I am not allowed to post a link so I am going to break it up. You have to add the necessary prefix and remove the spaces. /files /165352230 /

    Simply unzip the file. Start nLite and select add drivers. Point to this folder. If you get multiple drivers select only the 32 bit & remove the 64 bit. nLite should give you a message as adding these drivers in boot mode. You need them in this mode as even the DVD drive is a sata version which would otherwise not be detected after the first restart of windows.

    Let it create the iso and burn it using any decent software like ImageBurn. I also suggest that you get hold of some CD-RWs. Save you hell of lot of heart burn.

    This process worked flawlessly for me.
  23. struct

    struct TS Rookie

    End of my rope

    I done everything in this forum, i was able to install xp pro, but the file at for xp drivers never worked when i excute the program 'nForce_5.10_WinXP2K_WHQL_english.exe' its runs for a few secs to the end of the progress bar then just quits so i tried another chip set from nvidia '15.24_nforce_winxp32_international_whql.exe' which made alot of drivers appear, got all the drivers from that set except video controller and network controller,it even installed the 8200 display driver, but on reboot xp loads but screen goes dark after the xp progress bar ending at boot time, so i went back in on safemode and checked to see which drivers were messed up and it was the two i mentioned video controller and network controller, tried to reinstall but same problem. Also my AX1200 model is AX1200-E1731A has 3 gigs of memory and 640 gig HD, now this model I can't find anywhere, not google not no where.....plz help
  24. pmshah

    pmshah TS Enthusiast Posts: 97

    Neither the size of the hdd nor the amount of ram makes any difference.

    Follow my earlier instructions and your installation will run smoothly. If the need be lay your hands on a Realtech chipset (rtl5110) USB to ethernet dongle. This is supported by XP native drivers. You will then be able to access internet and get the correct drivers for the rest of your system.

    BTW if you have registered copy of Xp you can go to M$ site and let windows it self update the drivers. It does an excellent job of it.
  25. struct

    struct TS Rookie

    I can connect to the internet fine that works for some weird reason even tho it says in yellow question mark network controller, but my built in wifi isn't found nor working, ive tried the updates online no go, and my updates are working its a good copy if xp pro, so i guess its just my video thats real big concern, i can go in and see windows when i run safe more or vga mode, so to recap i have two drivers missing i think says in yellow question marks network controller and video controller (VGA)

    Also dunno if i added the problem but i update my bois to NWR01A3.exe from the acer site,and i noticed in the bois video pci and onboard its now 256 megs on both which i can't change, and im sure it used to be 128 megs, thats another thing what should i have set in the bios pci or onboard ?

    pmshah i have already followed your steps to make the windows install cd with the added sataide driver, which worked nice thank you, i have formatted and installed xp thanks to that trick, im just have problems with these above drivers i have mentioned.

    Ok now I just noticed now,when i booted in xp VGA Mode, I goto my display settings advanced settings i see Geforce 8200 512 megs, but when i try to adjust the resolution it goes black sceen with a blinking white cursor at the top left coner of sceen..

    Ok so i have a display driver and my ethernet driver i know this cause im online with my r45 cable hooked up to router, Im guess this yellow question mark next to my network controller is for the wirelless card they have attatched in the back, and im guessing the other yellow question mark beside the video controller is for another video card i have, think thiers 2 right ? if i have 8500 nvidia already which one shoud i be looking for same with this wireless card in the back im not sure what that is eirther

    Seems this system is alot newer then the ones dicussed here has a whole other videocard and wireless card
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