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By joehoepner
Mar 22, 2008
  1. Acoustic Authority CPU speakers stopped working

    My Acoustic Authority speakers stopped working around the time that I messed around with the sound enhancement options in Control Panel > Sound > Speakers > Enhancements and I highlighted the bass boost and low frequency protection, room correction, and loudness equalization. Now have you heard of these options ever having adverse or negative effects on Acoustic Authority CPU speakers? No sound options are muted, sound card is also kicking out sound to speakers.
  2. captaincranky

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    Do these speakers have built in protection circuitry? Excess EQ can cause extreme power demands which could possibly trip the breakers (relays).

    Are you sure you didn't accidentally "retask" one of the output jacks in your resetting frenzy?
  3. joehoepner

    joehoepner TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no, didnt retask at all. what do you suggest can be done there is no easily accessible fuse on the back, would have to open the case or what is suggested. couldnt imagine that those options would over-heat and damge a sub.
  4. captaincranky

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    Old Technology Trial By ordeal......

    What I suggest you do at this point is to test the speakers by themselves by patching them to a standalone DVD player or Cassette deck. You would use a 3.5 MM mini plug to 2 RCA male phone plug "Y" adapter. This is the same adapter you would use to patch a "Walk Man" or similar to a home AV Receiver. In this case were going to take the line out from the DVD player to supply a signal to your amplified speakers. You could also use a portable CD player, in which case you would need a 3.5 MM Stereo mini-plug, (both ends) to patch the system.
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