Activation Keys Not Working

By kozman
Apr 3, 2010
  1. Hi Gang,
    Well explain Windows activation keys to me.
    Here is my issue today. Installed a new (used) motherboard on a HP Pavilion zd7140us laptop. Booted up. One of the three users Outlook Express 6 will not run. I get the requester to select identity. There are no identities to select and I cannot add any. On the windows "start" menu the often used program icons are not showing up on the left. The other two users on the computer have no issues with the above troubles. Outlook Express is not used on those users so it goes through the account wizard like normal. Also most used program icons are visible.
    I recorded the Windows XP Home Edition key from the hard drive. So I have that and am sure it was an OEM windows install.
    I did a Windows repair install not using the console but the second option. You press "enter" and the next screen lists the Windows already installed. Then from there you press "R" to do the install.
    During the install I was required to enter the windows key. I tried the key I retrieved from the "Magic Jelly Bean" program. "Invalid Key". Tried the COA on the bottom of the machine. No luck. I was able to skip the key entering and return to the installation. I never seen this on XP but maybe it was included in the SP3. BTW: I used a slipstreamed with SP3 XP home with a MSDN disk. (I cannot find the OEM disks for this laptop).
    After the installation I get to the select user screen. Any user I try I get "This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on. Do you want to activate Windows now? Yes/No buttons. I select "yes" or "no" the desktop picture shows up for several seconds then windows logs off that user and returns to the "welcome" screen with the users listed.
    I try to boot up into "safe mode" and everything seems to work. Even OE works and the must used program icons are showing on start menu for the user that had that issue.
    I tried a repair install one more time with the same results.
    I do have an image of the HD saved on another HD. I am afraid to write that image to the laptops hard drive. Just afraid I will loose something overwriting. I have laptop loaded with programs and data.
    Well long story longer.
    Can someone explain windows keys, oem keys, generic install disks, oem restore disks, keys that are embedded on the bios, and that COA sticker on every computer that does not work? What keys work with what. Of coarse I want to do this all legal.
  2. gobbybobby

    gobbybobby TS Guru Posts: 554   +9

    Odd that its not working. Could be that the key is blocked. last time I set up an XP system I just got a copy of Windows XP home with SP1 OEM off a torrent site and activated it with the legal key. The torrent description was ''Windows XP Home SP1 for Backup and legal install only'' Im not posting the link, u can just google it. Try that, if not you may have to buy a new key.
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