Add/Remove programs problems again

By Jobo789
Jul 15, 2009
  1. Hi, i have no idea if this has been covered, because i am not prepared to sift through 501 pages of threads ( sorry, but im tired) but when i deleted my Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock folder, the program stuck in Add/Remove, and it wouldn't let me reinstall or repair, because it would freeze. So i Deleted every single file i could find, including registry files...its still there, taunting me. Its like "You tried to delete me and replace, yeah well **** YOU IM HERE FOR GOOD!"
    I've tried many alternative uninstall programs (all the same thing, just look different) and trying to delete it from the list using regedt32 doesn't work because its not there.

    I would reinstall windows but i got a lot of important stuff on my PC, plus i cant find the disc.
  2. Bobbye

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    Easily fixed: Use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This works very well for those types of entries in the Control Panel:;en-us;290301

    It sounds like you didn't uninstall it properly and got stuck with the left-overs. If you just start deleting files and folders instead of 1. using the program uninstaller or 2. uninstalling in Add/Remove Programs BEFORE deleting part of the contents, this is going to happen.

    As for 'search': there is a box at the top right of the page where you enter the search term. that would cut down drastically on the number of pages. And if the search string is refined enough, your chances of finding the information if here, much better.

    The should be the very last thing you do for a major problem if it cannot be resolved any other way.
  3. Jobo789

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    Thank you very much, that has saved a lot of hassle and must remember this for the future.
    I am eternally grateful *bows*

    Sorry, that was just for shits and giggles.
  4. Bobbye

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    You're welcome. 'Bow' accepted! Let me know if you have more trouble with this.
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