Adding prefix to multiple files in Windows 7

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Jul 19, 2011
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  1. I have many mp3's that i want to rename at once. I want to add prefix (i.e. artist name) in every one of them. It will be really pain in the ****ing *** to rename them one by one. Is there any way to do this?
  2. superty12

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    Open Notepad. Type
    [drive/path/filename.mp3] ren [drive/path/artistfilename.mp3]
    Replace the bracket text with whatever goes there, then take out the brackets. Press Enter after each one you need to do. Save it as "mp3rename.bat", remove the quotes. Then doubleclick on it. Yes, that is the only way. Here's help with the syntax.
  3. g4mer

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    Thank you for helping!
  4. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413

    Glad to help.
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