Advantage of HDMI for standard PC to LCD monitor connection?

By Lou3 ยท 4 replies
Aug 15, 2008
  1. My very limited understanding of HDMI is that it's typically a single-cable audio/video connection to high-definition TVs. Is it worthwhile for standard PC-to-LCD connections?
  2. SNGX1275

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    Only if your TV doesn't have a DVI in. DVI will give you just as good quality.

    Another thing to note is in a traditional home setup HDMI carries audio and video. So unless you have one of those video cards that will also output the audio with its built in HDMI connection you will not get audio to your TV through HDMI.
  3. Lou3

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    Thanks, SNGX. One less feature to add to the price.
  4. Gflo

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    it cant really look worse than putting it on an old cathode ray tube tv, bad juju if iv ever seen it
  5. redviolin

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    HDMI is easy to use.

    HDMI does carry the highest HD quality as the signal stays in the digital domain.
    Nearly all HD players now and in the future will utilize HDMI.

    For example, my setup uses:
    Cable DVR with HD service
    Blu Ray Player
    Xbox 360
    HTPC with HDMI
    All routed thru a HDMI switch to a HDTV.

    The advantage is easy of use since both video and audio are carried on one cable and there is no need for me to switch the HDTV source inputs, since it is always HDMI input.
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