Advent 9215, wont load when switched on

By gooberer
May 3, 2009
  1. Hi, i have an advent 9215, recently my computer has not been turning on. It wont load on start up and seems to just crash. If i shut down my computer and then go to turn it back on. The power light comes on aswell as the caps lock and num lock on start up, then the load light starts to flicker, then just when it should load and the screen should come on, it doesnt, it just freezes. the screen doesnt come on but the fans are on. Any idea what this may be?? It took me 3hrs of switching it on and then off, waiting for it to come on, eventualy it switched on and loaded up. I did a virus scan and nothing came up. Cant think what it may be. Any help would be grateful, cheers
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  3. gooberer

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    hi, it still took a while this time to switch on. But when it did switch on i noticed that when it asked if i wanted safe mode or just to start, the keyboard wouldnt work. I couldnt use the arrow keys to make a decision so just left it to load normaly and switch on.
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    I tried the things on the thread and still doesnt work. when asked if i wanted safe mode i couldnt use the arrows. some times the screen flashes when i turn off after its crashed and didnt load up. could it be a problem with vista/hardrive? if so is it worth getting a new harddrive, or does it sound like a different problem? thanks
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