Advertisers could be looking to exploit accelerometer data to track smartphones

By Justin Kahn ยท 5 replies
Oct 14, 2013
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  1. We all know that advertisers use a number of different methods to track us in some way or another, and new reports are suggesting that our device's accelerometer is no exception. Security researcher Hristo Bojinov, has figured out a way...

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  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    This doesnt surprise me. It is creepy how it comes to this point...
  3. And to think that some people are concerned about the NSA = LoL!

    It's the advertisers secretly turning on your microphone that you should be worried about.

    "John Anderton, you feel like a coke!"
  4. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Grand Inquisitor Posts: 4,737   +3,757

    Just goes to show, the NSA doesn't have anything on Captain Corporate.
  5. gobbybobby

    gobbybobby TS Guru Posts: 554   +9

    They just want to know where you are going, what you are doing there, and why you are doing it. Whats wrong with that?
  6. Nothing, as long as it's your MUM.

    Everything, if it's an ADVERTISER.

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