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Advice in choosing a 3D gaming monitor please

By Sarmad
Sep 15, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a flatscreen monitor of 23 or 24 inches, preferably 3D and vNivia 3D Vision compatible, 1920x1080 resolution, and should be good for gaming (first person shooter mainly), watching movies and desktop work such as photo editing (so good colour accuracy should be considered). Can something please advise me on a good monitor to choose? I'm based in UK, so the product must be available here. At the moment, there's no budget in mind yet.

    I have a few questions, if they can please be answered they'll be great in helping my decision:

    1. Will I compromise anything (eg picture quality) in choosing a 3D omnitor over a non-3D monitor? eg if on a 3D monitor I play a game in 2D and I have the monitor's 3D option switched off (either because the game doesn't support 3D vision or if I'm not in the mood to play a game wearing 3D glasses), will the game still appear as good as if I was playing on a non-3D monitor?

    2. I was told from several sources that 23 inch monitors are not truly 1920x1080 resolution even though they're advertised to be, they're really 1680x1050 (maybe because of the limitation of the screen size). True 1920x1080 resolution can only be achieved on monitors 24 inches or above. Is this true?

    3. (Forgetting 3D for now) I heard that TN monitors are better for gaming because of their low lag time, but the drawback is that colour quality is greatly compromised making the monitor no good for photo editing or graphics work. For this reason, IPS moniitors are recommended but those are no good for gaming because of their long lag time. Are there ANY IPS monitors good for gaming too? eg is response time related to lag time, or are there more factors to to take into account? I have seen this IPS monitor Asus ML239H 23" IPS LED Monitor with a 5 ms response time, so I'm wondering if this is a reliable factor for gaming. If a game plays at 60 fps, then the screen should refresh every 16.666 ms to keep up with the framerate, so would any response time less than this mean that the monitor is good for gaming? Or am I thinking this wrongly?

    4. Still on the topic of IPS vs TN, is IPS better only because it has a wider viewing angle than TN? If I view a TN monitor at its best angle, will the colour be just as good as with an IPS monitor? Or is IPS always give better colour/image quality even when a TN monitor is viewed at its optimal angle?

    5. Some sources recommend the Asus VG236HE 3D monitor, but I'm concerned about its glossy screen whereas other monitors have a non-reflective screen. Has anyone seen this monitor (or anything similar) and does the glossy reflective screen pose a problem (especially when viewing something in 3D) ?

  2. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 569   +25

    You can get a Samsung 3D Widescreen LED Monitor (23") for around $420 or a Samsung 3D Widescreen LED Monitor (27") T27A950 for $520, they are to best monitors for not too much cost

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