Advice on a new rig for audio/video editing

By bricht
Mar 24, 2014
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  1. Hi. I am looking for a new PC/Laptop mainly for audio editing and some amateur video editing. I have read around the web and found a few things I probably want in on my computer:

    Firewire or IEEE 1394 input,
    An SSD hard-drive or atleast an 7200rpm hard drive
    A half-decent video card for video editing
    A decent sized RAM (atleast 8 gb I think)
    Processor which isnt a slug probably

    I was looking at a refurbished Mac Mini for £579. (
    It has some good reviews online and since Im not too experienced with computers an Apple product would probably give me less headaches. The Intel HD 4000 isnt too good though, which might be a problem for video editing. The hard drive isn't fast either, but I read, that that can be replaced.
    Any comments on this? Maybe I should build my own PC or buy a laptop, could you give me some suggestions as well? My budget is about £600-700.

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