Advice on buying a Laptop?

By nallurigroup
Oct 20, 2008
  1. Hi,

    Let me introduce my self.
    I am Vamsi Nalluri working as SAP consultant one of the Company
    Now I am coming to the Query. I am planning to buy a laptop, I hope IBM note pads were so good but they are too expensive I stopped thinking of the IBM and Plan to go for DELL & HP. Please advice me which is best and also help me on the configurations .Mostly I am feeling difficult to justify on processer. Because I hope Processer is the heart of the LAPTOP so please advice me which best laptop with best configuration is

    Thanks in advance


    Sorry i missed one thing to specify.
    I am looking for the confiuration mainly for SAP instlations
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  3. Bruce2

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    If it is not for gaming it is not that critical if you are getting the best components or not. On the other hand, you have to decide whether you are comfortable with Vista or XP. If you like IBM, just google a little you'll be able to locate some well equipped thinkpads new or refurbished under a thousand. I recently, got a $350 T42 refurb for my eight yr old to toss around in the house. Good luck on your purchase.
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    if this is for a business, any laptop will work fine for productivity. Just ensure you have ample ram. Word processing and spreadsheets do not require monster CPU processors, but you will need ram and a speedy hard drive for quick storage and processing.
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