Laptop repair or upgrade? No option to buy a laptop.

My laptop is dell inspiron i5 5567 7th generation 1TB HDD 8 GB RAM laptop.I purchased this 4 years ago for university.

Currently the problems in laptop are-:
1) 100% disk usage and laptop kind of freezes, when I click nth happens, when I try to scroll, nth happens, no reaction by laptop.

2) Even without 100% disk usage same thing happens.

What I tried-:
Every method for fixing 100% disk usage. I haven't left a single tutorial or forum qna. That is how far I have gone really. I am yet to format and install windows though.

Q1) Any advice on that?

What I am planning to do-:

1) Upgrade SSD 2.5'' sata ssd is what I support in laptop..256 GB. My harddisk is 500 GB full.

2) Upgrade 8 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM by adding another 8 GB RAM.

But is this really necessary at all? Can this problem be fixed by repairing in workshop?

Any way to repair this? You have idea to fix this freezing?

I have no option to buy a laptop as my family don't have 1200$ currently to buy a laptop. It is a possibility only after 2+ years really.

Workload-: Simply reading pdf. I need to open 30-40 tabs at once. That is why I am thinking of adding RAM. As well as I stream myself(cams on) on discord server for motivation. So you can imagine my RAM usage.

I will definitly need this laptop to learn programming as well. But it is all basic programming learning like web development mostly not advanced. So I don't need hi-fi laptops.

IWTL if I should upgrade(and if upgrading helps or not), or just repair myself? I won't go to shop to repair as my family won't allow me to do it. So tell me some tutorials to repair if(software part not hardware).


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You asked the same question on Dec 28th:

I offered an answer and you stated what way you were going to go, so I thought 'Great problem solved'

The you re-phrased the question and asked it again here:

I called your attention to the previous thread but I did offer an answer this 2nd thread too.

Now you have asked the same question a 3rd time on this thread.

It sounds like you have a failing hard drive. You have to open this laptop up to change it. You should go with a SSD. You should reinstall Windows. Lots of people do this kind of work pretty cheaply if you can't figure it out on your own. I bet you can do it if you are careful and use YouTube for tutorials.


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Doesn't sound like a hardware problem. I bet an clean install of OS would fix. But backup if you do that.