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Advice on RAM

Oct 27, 2009
  1. Hello,

    Wondering if I could get some help/advice. My current computer hardware is AMD Sempron 64 AM2 3000+, Kingston DDR2 667 1GB RAM and my motherboard is a MSI K9VGM-V AM2 A10 DDR2 PCIE.

    The specs on my motherboard states memory standard of DDR2 800, max of 2GB dual channel.

    Now I want to upgrade my RAM to the max my mother board can handle which is 2GB. Currently I have a Kingston DDR2 667 1GB RAM. Would you suggest just purchasing another DDR2 667 1GB RAM and add that to my PC (so I would have DDR2 667 2 GB (2 X 1GB) and if so do I have to purchase the same make or could I go with another make Crucial etc (of course I will get DDR2 667 1GB RAM).


    Do you recommend just purchasing a new one and replacing the RAM to DDR2 800 2GB RAM (2 X 1GB).

    Do you think the speed is worth a full upgrade or just the addition of the DDR2 667 1GB RAM which would give me DDR2 667 2 GB (2 X 1GB) would be good enough.

    My computer is a HTPC so basically the use of this computer is to play movies which are compressed Blue Rays typically 720 not much game play done and just regular downloading and converting file formats and word programs

    Thanks in advance any advice would be appreciated
  2. Atwooooood

    Atwooooood TS Enthusiast Posts: 63

    Its always best to stick with the same sticks and not mix and match.

    The choice of getting one more identical stick or just getting 2 newer sticks is up to you.
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