Advise on graphics cards and psu's

By Nevynmk1
Feb 20, 2009
  1. Hey all.

    I'm building a new system and would like advise on a power supply and gpu. I'm looking at a geeforce 9800gtx+ or a hd4850. and what powersupply would be a good one?

    I'm using a pentium d 925 right now with 4gig courser ram with an asus p5k mobo and it will have 2 sata hdds.

    I will be upgrading the processer in a couple of months.
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  3. Nevynmk1

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    I'm planning on the e84/500 cpu. also I live in the uk. sorry I forgot to mention that. opps :$
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    Go with this card and this PSU. You can also go with this PSU instead if the Corsair is not within your budget.
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