Aereo streaming service now compatible with all major web browsers

Shawn Knight

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Aereo, the controversial service that allows customers to watch live streaming television over the Internet, has expanded service to include all major web browsers. The service had previously been limited to individuals using an iOS device or a Roku streaming...

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If this ever supports my area I will sign up in a minute. This is exactly what I have been waiting for, not only for on the TV but making my devices able to watch TV as well. Great idea!

In essence I don't see why this is going to court other then the cable companies and networks knowing this will be big and take a big piece of their pie. You are renting an antenna, no difference then going out and buying an antenna. Only thing I could see them losing is the DVR aspect and the customer only having 24 hours or so to watch their recorded shows before it gets deleted.


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The actual channel lineup is pathetic. Also the only market supported seems to be New York.

I'll give this a try when it has expanded to other markets and when its channel selection matures.


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TV companies are looking so short sighted. This is what people want and yet they fail to stream their channels and make money. If they don't act now companies like this will fill the void and make money out of their stupidity. I will definitely sight up once the get to Los Angeles. I mean who wouldn't want to see a Laker game from their work on their mobile device.

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