After installing SP3, PC won't boot even in safe mode

By brenda313
Mar 3, 2012
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  1. I installed service pack 3 for XP manually as it was a requirement listed for another software I was going to install (had been running under SP2 just fine). After installing it, on restart, the computer hangs on the Windows XP screen. After hard shut down, I receive the Safe Mode options and have tried all. Last working configuration just hangs at the same place. Any of the safe mode options run through the driver list and hang after agp440. I believe I did have AVG 8.0 running when I installed SP3 so don't know if that caused the problems.

    I followed instructions on MS's side to disable agp440 with the XP cd in, from the Recovery Console. Now it just hangs after mup.sys.
    I also followed their instructions on how to remove the sp3 updates through recovery console. That seemed to run but afterward same issue. Still hangs at mup.sys in safe mode and in normal mode/last good config, still hangs on windows screen. Please help.

    Running Windows XP Home (disc I have is XP Home ver 1.0)
    PC: Dell Dimension 4500 2.26
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