After NOD32 run Firefox will not load

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Jan 12, 2009
  1. Friday night I ran the online version of nod32. Because it installs an active X component I had to use Internet Explorer. Firefox has been my default browser for years. While running nod32 I was aware something was not quite right because an action that should've opened Firefox opened IE. Afterwards I rebooted and everything seemed to be fine.

    This morning Firefox will not open. For an instant an icon appears as it normally does while Firefox is loading but it quickly goes away. Using IE I downloaded another copy of Firefox and installed it with the same result. As a test I downloaded Opera and it runs fine.

    Where should I be been looking for some setting that is interfering with Firefox?
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Did you uninstall Firefox before installing it again? Did you try installing a different version of Firefox as opposed to the one you usually use?
  3. Knot2Brite

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    solved it

    restored fr om a recent backup

  4. Bobbye

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    The problem was curious because I am running Nod32 and Firefox v3.0.5 without incident. I've had Firefox for several years and changed to Nod32 several months ago with no problem. Getting all updates also is not causing problem.
  5. Knot2Brite

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    a member at Techguy pointed me to a page at the Mozilla site and there an item convinced me that I had a corrupted profile. I use rollback rx so it was a simple matter to grab an image of my Firefox profile from a few days back and copy it over the corrupted file. That was the problem because when I restarted Firefox it was normal.

    I did a postmortem and suspect that when I was in Firefox and instructed it to load the nod32 online scanner using IE, something got messed up. In the future when I have to load a page with active-x I will load IE directly rather than through Firefox.
  6. Bobbye

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    It's good you pointed this out. I check the online scanner site for Nod32 and found this in the requirements:
    Software: * Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or later .

    I didn't know that so I'll be sure to mention using IE if I refer anyone to use the scanner.
  7. kimsland

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  8. Knot2Brite

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    if you use Windows xp you have IE 6 built in to the operating system. If while you are in Firefox you elect to open a page using Internet Explorer, Firefox opens IE 6. When you then execute the online scanner it is using compatible software. When Microsoft releases its monthly patches it generally includes IE 6 so you need do nothing special.
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