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Jun 3, 2008
  1. I was reading up and watching gameplay videos for Age of Conan and from what I saw it looks like it could be a very good MMORPG. My question is have anyone played it, And should I unsubscribe from WoW and sign up for Age of Conan instead? I was very interested in it and since WoW turned into a game for 8 year olds ( Thank you, Blizzard ) it's died out in the fun factor so I might as well switch over.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Sharkfood

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    I've been playing Age of Conan now, being a past avid WOW player (have several level 70 chars/all epics/raiding + pvp in WOW).

    I'm enjoying Age of Conan much, much more than what WOW became with the Burning Crusade expansion. BC pretty much ruined the game for me as it made 5-mans basically all about CC, reduced skill and made it a bigger gear and class balance sink than a fun MMORPG.

    AoC is an adult/M rated game so there is no moderation. Expect to hear lots of curse words in OOC, and not whimsical adult curse words- more of the WOW e-thug/annoying variety. I don't think you can escape potty mouthed, attention seeking 12-year olds whatever you do so if you're planning on AoC being an escape from this, think again.

    PVP servers are loaded with griefers- that being level 30+ that love to hang around and gank low levels for fun. Roll on a PVE server until FunCom address this problem. Having multiple instances should fix the problem, but there are just too many griefers at this point so all instances have a few camping the spawn points during peak hours.

    Gameplay rocks- as it's more like playing Tekken than say playing WOW or EQ2. You have to hit attack buttons for swings, and there are combos you hit that then require semi-timed combinations of these basic attacks. This makes the combat very different from most MMORPG's as your own skill comes more into play. It's not unusual for someone to lose to a player 5 levels under them if the lower level player is skilled with dodge, juke, and swing/combos. Be prepared for some button mashing battles in Conan.

    Age of Conan does have a few bugs, so it's a little glitchy still. For example, buffs seem to get bugged when you die, and multi-GPU users have some icon glitches, etc.etc. For the most part, I can play AoC for hours but have to logout/camp to clear a bug maybe once or twice a session. None of the bugs have cost me any lost game time though, so they are more technical glitches than bugs in quests/progression so far (knocking on wood).

    AoC is very heavy on system requirements. Make sure you have a plenty beefy PC. I'd strongly recommend a fairly strong dual-core processor, 2-4GB of fast memory and a high to ultra high performance 3d videocard. The 8800GT and 3850 would be the lowest sufficient videocard bracket in my opinion.. with beefier or SLI & Crossfire configurations (with some glitches) being optimal. Also, figure on dropping about 40GB of diskspace... the game itself is ~30GB (on two DVD's) plus you need room for various patches and downloader content.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Age of Conan - The Quest for Lost Performance

    The game is new and has quite a lot of bugs. I hope we'll see performance increases in the future updates.

    I got it a couple of days ago and I'm not planning on leaving WoW. I don't play either as "hardcore" or serious gamer, so I have time for both and even other games.

    My PC (see profile for system specs) runs it at medium-to-high settings, 1920x1200, at about 20-25 fps outdoors.
  4. TimeParadoX

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    Thank you Sharkfood and Mict for your responses.

    I completely agree with you Sharkfood, ever since blizzard made the "Burning Crusade" it ruined the game. I really enjoyed WoW before the expansion because it was more challenging in instances ( Especially Al Qiraj or how ever you spell it ) and at level 60 you can have a fun time in Battlegrounds. The Burning Crusade pretty much took out all the fun instances like Molten Core and BWL and turned raid groups from a HUGE mass of people into only a 10/25 man run.

    I've bought Age of Conan, and since then uninstalled WoW and unsubscribed. The bugs that AoC have do not really bother me, I've experienced many BETAs and testings to know what to look forward to. Plus, in a few months time WoW will be in shambles with the Death Knight expansion and everyone flocking to AoC. :)
  5. Skucher

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    Havent played it yet but im quitting WoW like all the others cause i agree it died when BC came out and became almost kiddish i just need to upgrade my vid card cpu get more ram ect ect haha
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