Agere USB 2.0 soft modem drops driver


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I have an agere external modem on my e-machine desktop. I have XP SP 2 upgraded to 3. I bought 2 of these modems about 6 or 7 months ago. They work fine on my Compaq laptop with Windows 7.

At first they worked on the e-machine. However, for about the last 3 months, the modem driver (I assume it's the driver) is dropped. Both blue lights go off, and a restart is needed.

I have uninstalled and re-installed. I can find no conflicts on device manager. In administrator tools I get a code 31 error or a "not enough resources."

My e-machine last year just crashed, files were missing, the system was corrupted. I lost my AV program, so I put the computer on a shelf. I went ahead and re-installed Windows XP with a Dell system disk. I signed up for wire less, but I have to drive 15 miles to get a signal. I drove the desktop to town, downloaded the AV program and upgraded to svc. pk. 3. I had the wrong driver for the video but found the one needed for the e-machine. Could I have some Dell driver left that is interfering? I have not kept up with Windows updates because of my slow dial-up. Do I need to take my desktop to town again to update that?

I also wonder if my AV program caused any of this. I have CA Internet Security Suite. I update everyday. I've had CA for years, and they have problems from time to time. I did do a thorough scan of the desk top, but nothing showed up.

There are problems with the phone company lines, although the problems do not affect the laptop. I wonder if they could affect the desktop. Our phone company knows the lines take a hit. When that happens, the phone goes out and may come right back on or stay off for a day or two. They admit they have too many people on the line. I mention this because I doubt I am really connecting at 28,800 bps, my maximum speed, as networking on task manager often shows flat lining. When the modem was working, I was able to get on facebook. It took quite awhile. Now, if I get there, the system freezes; but I usually time out. .

I've been fighting this for months. I know a little about computers but not enough to solve this problem. I read somewhere that a soft usb modem might not have enough power on an older machine.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I have been all over on Google and Microsoft and am at a loss. I like my laptop, but I really need the desk top. I am a senior citizen and need to look at a bigger screen.

Thank you


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Delete CA Internet Security Suite. it uses too many Windows resources and conflicts with XP's Service Pack 3. Download and install Microsoft's Security Essentials. You may have to go into town to do this


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Thanks for the reply. I'm not crazy about CA. However, I did update XP to service pack 3 before I downloaded CA; and it did work for several months. Of course one of their updates might have set this in motion. I am going to look at Microsoft Essentials. I'd love to find an easier AV program.

What do you think of this as a possible cause. On another bulletin board a phone repair man on a site similar to this suggested my phone is "left in field," which he explained means someone is on my line. Our own repairman hinted that might be a problem. The phone disconnects frequently or goes out for a day or two. My husband jokes we get bumped off when someone up the road makes a call. I've received no action on my complaints so I filed a complaint with the FCC and am waiting.

Would that affect the modem? I do see a lot of flat lining on the network graph. Earthlink is also experiencing problems now. I feel like I'm trying to figure out if the light bulb is bad or the lamp is bad when the electricity is off


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Agere USB 2.0 soft modem drops driver-need more help

My e-machine with Win XP-3 continues to drop the modem. I am using my laptop now. It stays connected with the Agere modem. However, I cannot access my Earthlink webmail with Win 7 which is on the laptop. Finally, US tech support is working on that problem. The error code showed them the scroll bar is not loading.

However, I signed up with a new ISP (still have EL during the trial period). This ISP has US tech support.

On the e-machine with Win XP, I am at a loss and would like to go back to that. I hate to spend money right now on a new desktop.

Here's the situation on the e-machine. Does anyone have any suggestions I might try.

The e-machine crashed last year. I installed Windows XP2 with a Dell system disk. I then searched for the e-machine drivers and installed those. I downloaded the upgrade for SP 3. Downloaded is impossible at home as we have dial-up. But we do have a wireless connection on the laptop; but, to recap, we need to drive 15 miles to get a signal. That's doable.

Everything was wonderful and worked. Then a few months ago, the modem started dropping. I got a good suggestion here that CA programs are not that friendly to XP. I noticed a CA Event Manager popping up on task manager and closed that down. That seemed to work somewhat, but I do notice the disconnects are bad in the morning and evening. I have snoozed the AV and disabled the firewall. No help. The laptop stays connected! I am at a loss.

I bought System Essentials and ran that. It cleaned the registry and checked the hardware. Everything was OK.

Any clues?

..Is it CA (which to my surprise is now Total Defense). I tried calling CA last night. They wanted to do remote control, but that's impossible during disconnect times. The tech person didn't answer my questions about XP and CA and insisted I get high speed. He was rude, and I hung up on him to my shame.

..Would repair Windows help?

..Should I type extra commands in the modem? If so, any suggestions?

..I took off everything I put on the desktop since the modem dropping began. The only thing that changes is the CA update. So that's the culprit?

.. I really can't keep up with Windows update on dial-up. Could that be it?

..Could it be a memory problem? I do get a "not enough resources" on the log.

..Is there an AV/firewall product out there with US tech support and dial-up friendly?

Should I just give up. I am getting so frustrated with this.

What am I overlooking?

Thanks for your past help and any future help.


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Have the dial-up company replace the modem and check the signal strength to the new modem. If you re-install Windows you would have to spend hours downloading Service Packs and many, many other updates even on a hi-speed cable connection


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Agere USB 2.0 soft modem drops driver-need more help

Both modems are identical and only a few months old. They work fine on Windows 7 and for a few months on windows XP. I don't think the modems are a problem, but I am so frazzled I can't remember my name.

The reason I now think it is CA is because things were fine, then the disconnects on XP started. At the same time, I was unable to get into my webmail on Windows 7. CA also started daily updates. I like to update at a time of day when we are not using the computer, but it updates when it feels like it! I have set everything to not automatically update. I have to use task manager to shut if off.

I thought maybe I could do a repair on Windows with my XP SP2, not a total installation. I have the SP 3 downloaded on a flash drive. Then again, if it is CA I don't think a repair would work.

Are you saying you don't think the CA Internet Security Suite Plus (AV and FW) is the problem? I strongly suspect that now that I've suddenly learned it is now Total Defense.

Is there some setting somewhere I can check on internet connectivity? The desktop will work just great for hours and then start disconnecting every minute or so. It seems to happen in the morning and evening.

But I am just so frustrated now I'm not sure of anything.

I do think the desktop is fine, hardware, software, and registry.

I contacted my new isp by email to ask what AV they recommend.


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"The desktop will work just great for hours and then start disconnecting every minute or so. It seems to happen in the morning and evening"...

Believe it or not, this is a big clue that it is your ISP's network that is overloaded during those times of day. Is your desktop using an on-board network adapter? If so, You could try a more current PCI network adapter in the desktop, that might not be so sensitive to the lower signals


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I think I found the solution. I got out my old, 1999, A+ certification book after reading my modem log. As for transmitting, receiving - I was high when I should be low and vice versus. So I got into the advanced tab on modem, port setting, and started playing with the speeds. I'm not disconnecting. My line is slow, but the weather is horrible right now.

I am steaming about something though.

Since the early 90s, we've used Earthlink. Back then tech support was great. Now it's overseas and lousy. I decided enough is enough. I surfed for a new ISP and found one.

Earthlink, who shipped jobs overseas, charges me $22/month.

I just signed up for the same services at an ISP that cost $10/month and is US-BASED WITH US TECH SUPPORT.

So I save $12/month by switching to a company that keeps jobs at home. Now that's a winner. When (if?) we get high speed as promised in 2015, I'll use that ISP.

Thanks for all your help.