Hardware AIO for GPU


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Hi there.

I recently bought a Inno3d 2070RTX Twinx2, and the cooling is so bad, so I want a AIO watercooler for the graphic card.

I asked the company and they said "find one that fits with the NV PG160 reference design".

I am not the best tech guy, so I hoped that someone could help me here?


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PG160 is the code name for the 2070 reference board layout and design (PG180 is 2080, PG150 is 2080 Ti). So when you're looking for AIO GPU coolers, you need to make sure they're good for something like the 2070 Founder's Edition model.

Given that there aren't too many about, you'd best of contacting the likes of EVGA or Alphacool directly to see if their GPU AIO coolers are compatible.