Alert: Regarding "MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team"

By Bobbye
Aug 13, 2009
  1. Once again, a person is suggesting he belongs to a group sanctioned by Microsoft. This is not the case> A similar thing happened about a year ago when 4-5 people started posting on computer forums with a name suggesting a Microsoft group.

    This is NOT a MS group. There are current 2 people posting under it: jakeIE8team and Feran

    While some of the information they give is legitimate, their group is not. It seems these people are trying to get users to download IE8 from a specific site, saying that for every download, food is being sent somewhere. They have a blog, quoting news from "Microsoft". However, a separate news search does not bring up further information.

    So be advised, be aware and make your decisions wisely. The other forums they have posted on are all asking the same thins- who are you? The same thing that happened when the "team" posted last year.
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