Alienware x51 r2 loose pieces

By Jleon15
Dec 21, 2015
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  1. Hello everyone! Recently I moved my alienware x51 from my desk to clean the surface and when I moved it I heard something moving like if it was loose.

    So I decided to open the case and check what was going on, and when I did, I turned it upside down to see if something came out and 3 small pieces did. One is like a small 1 cm spring, the other one is like a small bullet looking black piece and the last one is a very small also black piece but I have no idea what it is. I will attach an image below.

    I have no idea what happened and where these pieces come from, I did some search in google and found out that other people have experienced the exact same problem but no real answers were given. In terms of performance everything works fine except that this last week I was experiencing game crashes which turned off the display when using the nvidia geforce gtx 760 ti card my pc came with so I had to switch the hdmi cable to the onboard integrated card and then restart the pc to fix it. So I clean installed windows 10 and so far it didn't happen again. I am not sure if these loose pieces have something to do with those crashes but some other people did experience those issues too and it seems that it is the nvidia 359 driver or windows 10 itself. I also did a hardware diagnostic and everything is working fine according to that.

    My question is if anyone knows where those pieces belong to and if it is risky to use the computer without them, and what should I do. Thanks for helping!


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