All Hardware just stopped working, no drivers found?

By grimesy69
Dec 13, 2004
  1. heres my problem - most of my hardware has decided to stop working, this consists of my , cd-writer, dvd drive, sound card,webcam, game controllers-these are the known problems. i think these problems occured after downloading an update from microsoft, but i cant remember the name of the update.
    is there a way to delete previously dowloaded and installed updates, iam really stuck. i have found the update and deleted it

    i go into device manager and next to the above listed hardware components it says cannot find drivers- i dont why it says this,these drivers have not been deleted manually?

    all day my pc was on while i was out, i got home it worked fine, my pc has been workin fine for ages! now all of a sudden all my hardware is not working.

    does anyone know where i should start? :wave: :blackeye:
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