Alternate pixel center disable NFS Porsche Unleashed

By trodas
Jan 31, 2009
  1. On nVidia graphic cards, there is a VERY strong font corruption in EA game NFS Porsche Unleashed, even the latest v3.5:


    Same problems with NFS Porsche Unleashed experienced a ATI users, however ATI quickly added DirectX settings to counter this problem:


    If you in Direct X compatibility settings _DISABLE_ the Alternate pixel center, the corruption goes away like a miracle on ATI cards.

    Now the question is - how to change this for nVidia drivers, so nVidia users can enjoy nice graphic once again in NFS PU?

    PS. one user suggested that "That and changing dx7a file with one from nfs:MCO, fixed up tha problems."
    First at all, what is meant by the NFS:MCO (so I know where to get dx7a.dll to try) and second - will it fix this display corruption on nVidia card?
    I already saw a patch to the dx7a.dll in order to let it show only 32bit resolutions, so users can choose higher resolutions before they run out of the list, but that it is. The patch is there:
  2. trodas

    trodas TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 29

    On Intel 945GM integrated chipset are the same letters just beautifull:


  3. trodas

    trodas TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 29

    I looked on the net for a dx7z.dll and found one. The original from NFS PU is 155 648 bytes long, this one is 110 592 bytes long. Game works as before, no improve. It would be interesting to measure FPS difference, if any, but that it is. No fix.

    nVidia 5600XP Detonators 45.28 8x AF:

    nVidia 5600XP Detonators 45.28 4x AA:

    ...sadly, 4x AA in 1280x1024 32bit is on 5600XT not a solution for speed reasons - and I hate blurry AA anyway. I want sharp, straight edges :(
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