Alternative GPUs


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Got looking into SR-IOV for gpu virtualization and discovered it's way to pricey for me to bother with. First off, Nvidia offers the feature in most of the Quadro workstation cards, even some fairly low powered models but to use it requires a subscription to their server as the SR-IOV driver will not work without it. I didn't check out how much it costs but I don't consider it worthwhile on a yearly basis.

In checking out what AMD offered, well that turned into another bust due to cost for the card. They're Firepro S7150 card but at $1500+ USD they're way over priced for the gaming performance. Passmark shows it at around 6200, which if you're familiar with their system is about what a 1050 Ti hits. Not good for gaming.

Now from a Gaming standpoint, as I said the Firepro S7150 isn't any better then a 1050 Ti and at over $1500 for the card, unless you absolutely need the virtualization feature, don't bother but there is hope out there and I was suprised to see the gaming performance of some of the Radeon Pro series cards. The budget card is the W5500 and it's performance matches the 1060. If you need more then the Value Option is the W6600 that's barely slower then the 1080 (non Ti). Both cards are under the $1000 USD price point and look to be a meager +100 over MSRP. Not bad for those looking. The one advantage these Workstation cards have over Gaming cards is the Stability of the Drivers. Keep in Mind that AMD pushes these cards for Autocad and other such softwawe where the drivers need to be certified, thus the performance is a bit lower but as stable as possible, which I think is a good thing.