Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post for $250 million


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Surprising news has rocked the media industry today, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purchasing The Washington Post newspaper and other affiliated publications for $250 million. The Washington Post Company, which previously owned the paper, will continue to trade publicly after...

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Wow he's spending the money I use to buy up all the purchases I do with Amazon. Well at lease he's using the money on good investments. He could give all Amazon Prime members a discount credit to their accounts instead of the purchase of TWP.


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Well at lease he's using the money on good investments.

Since he's taking it private we'll probably never know if it turns out to be a good investment. Most newspapers though are having a real hard time nowadays with the internet stealing their business. Maybe he has something planned for a news site and the Post was the one he's choosing to try it on.
Ha, good investment? Did you even read the whole story? Second to last paragraph he said he doesn't even have a worked out plan! What a waste of 250 million!!!