Amazon drops Kindles to Black Friday-level prices for a limited time

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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For a limited time, you can nab Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite for just $84.99 – that’s 35 percent off (or $45, however you want to look at it) the usual $129.99 rate and among the lowest prices we’ve ever seen.

The latest Kindle Paperwhite packs a six-inch glare-free display with 300 PPI that excels even under direct sunlight. You can get it with either 8GB or 32GB of local storage and in your choice of black or blue color schemes. It carries an IPX8 rating meaning it can withstand submersion in up to two meters of water for 60 minutes.

Those looking to part with a bit less money may consider the standard Kindle which is on sale for $59.99, a 33 percent discount off the everyday price. This cheaper variant doesn’t offer waterproofing, has a less impressive screen (just 167 PPI) and packs only 4GB of storage but it is a good bit more affordable.

It’s tough to go wrong either way given the prices but regardless of which you choose, you’ll need to act fast as these daily deals are set to expire in a matter of hours.

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Lol when I first read the name of the Kindle I read it as a "Kindle Paperweight". Probably not far from the truth for Amazon if they are gutting prices so heavily 😂