Amazon orders 1.2 million tablets, more than all companies but Apple

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Jul 8, 2011
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  1. Upstream component suppliers for tablets have been gearing up their preparation of needed parts and components for models to be launched in Q3 2011. Shipments are expected to top 21…

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  2. I got another Kindle recently, exclusively for toilet reading. Thanks Amazon!
  3. humm, just where kindle belongs.
  4. Amazon better start shipping those tablets like yesterday- last I counted there were over 102,500 apps native for the iPad. Heard there were only a 170 apps for the Honeycomb Andoid tablets. In a mere week, more than 15 x more apps came to the iPad than Android tablets have had in like 3 months!

    This ain't going to be like Android on the smart phone side- not that it really matters because Google aint making any money from smart phones anyway.

    Apple makes more $ from selling iPad 2 smart covers than Google does from Android.

    And overall, Apple makes more money from iPhones alone than Googke does from its entire operation.
  5. brilliant idea lol
  6. I hope Amazon orders 1.2 million tablets and only sells about .2 million of them. Not that anyone will ever know because Wall Street doesn't force Amazon to reveal tablet sales like they do Apple. Bezos will never tell. All we'll see is the Amazon vaporware tablet constantly sitting at number one in the Amazon Bestsellers site like it's selling like crazy. Come earnings time, Bezos will just say that they're selling as expected, whatever that means. Amazon never gives device sales numbers.
  7. Does anyone else think a platform being named Kal-El might be the coolest thing they've ever heard? They should definately go with Samsung, they make the highest quality tablets on the market.

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