Amazon tops customer satisfaction survey for eighth straight year

Shawn Knight

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A new report from ForeSee reveals that Amazon is once again the most popular online destination with regards to customer satisfaction. The store that claims to have everything from A to Z is no stranger to being in first place...

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Amazon truly knows how to do it right. Their customer service is off-the-charts excellent. I probably do 80% of my annual shopping from them as a result.


My personal experience has been quite good however I know someone who had a horror story dealing with Amazon. It was a situation where if they could just talk to the right people it was an easy issue to resolve but emails and various departments pointing to the next one didn't do it. They had to go back and forth for a couple of weeks until they finally talked to a person. Try getting a phone number and talking to an actual person from Amazon.


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I'm sure in an organization as large as Amazon, that you're going to have that once-in-a-million order that goes terribly wrong. But I've had to return only two items, and the return process was completely pain-free. Once I clicked on the "return an item" button, I had an instantly generated e-mail waiting for me in my inbox complete with a free UPS shipping sticker to return the item and clear instructions. I also had a corrupted download of an MP3 album I bought and one quick e-mail and they had reset my account for another download.

I mean we're talking flawless customer service.