Amazon Web Services outage takes down Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest

Shawn Knight

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Amazon Web Services experienced an outage on Monday that resulted in downtime for many popular web destinations and services. Issues began at a Northern Virginia data center that caused a chain reaction across the Internet spanning several hours.

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[FONT=Arial]The mighty cloud. Once again we learn how these services are not all serving. When most of society finally moves all their content to the cloud and they can’t access it due to outages, failure to pay your cloud subscription or whatever the reason you finally see the risk of putting your personal and business interest in the hands of another.[/FONT]


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Cloud services are a house of cards IMO - - it's the weakest link problem.
As AWS is the database component, when it is operational again, so will all the other Cloud services that depend upon it.


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The outage also took down

This is just a reminder why I have multiple high volume hard drives in my computers. Screw keeping all of my data on some other peoples disks. Besides if I want to access it via my smartphone AT&T will just hit me with a huge data plan overage.


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So, let me recap
if its sunny - good
if its raining - no good

what is the point to having something different to AOL
the point
.(make it bold plz)