Amazon will hold another Prime sales event this fall


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In brief: This year's Amazon Prime day is exactly two weeks away, but a new report claims it won't be the tech giant's only major sales event this year. Another Prime Day-style experience, called Prime Fall Deal Event, will take place in the fourth quarter of the year, and Amazon is currently asking retailers to submit their Lightning Deals for when it arrives.

Insider writes that Amazon is sending its retailers messages to submit promotional deals for the event by July 22. "Submit recommended Lightning Deals for Prime Fall Deal Event Week for a chance to have your deal selected for Prime Fall Deal Event!" reads one.

Precisely when the event will occur during the fall is unclear, though some sellers say it appears to be scheduled for October, before Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holiday season is in full swing.

But it seems some sellers aren't pleased to learn that Amazon will be holding another major sales event. Insider writes that many must now quickly decide whether to participate, which means making inventory and budgeting alterations when there is very little information about the event itself. Given the gloomy economic outlook, it seems most sellers are more interested in finding ways to cut costs on Amazon's marketplace.

It's the economic downturn that has likely prompted Amazon to launch what is essentially Prime Day 2. Like many companies, it is suffering a post-pandemic hangover from the months when most people stayed home all day ordering items online. That, combined with rising inflation and the cost of living, saw Amazon in April announce the slowest quarterly revenue growth since 2001, leaving it looking at ways of tempting consumers to spend more.

It'll be interesting to see if the Prime Fall Deal Event has any enticing offers or whether people will simply wait until the season's bigger sales days arrive. In the meantime, the actual Prime Day gets here on July 12 and lasts for two days.

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No we don't. Amazon sales are awful. Loads of junk at prices that actually no different to the normal 'discount from RRP'. Some deals on products of their own - like Alexa - one or two genuine really good deals to get some headlines and a load of hype.

Which? did a survey on Amazon's Black Friday and found this to be the case - ie the prices are just the normal price.

Its a con. Jeff just want to rinse some more money from you for another super-villain yacht and an even more phallic ****-rocket.