AMD 6630m not working well when watching videos or playing DX11 games

So the problem is on my laptop, When I view videos on youtube it's fine untill i switch to fullscreen. My mouse will be unaccurate and i will have to place it to the left of the button i wish to press; there is also a line usually down the right side of the screen asif the video has been pushed to the left and my mouse doesn't know this.The same thing happens with games on DX11 or 10 and The Sims 3.

I tried finding solutions on the internet but couldn't find any, I found one which was to disable Hardware acceleration in flash and it fixed it, but then I downloaded a video in Itunes and bam the problem reoccured. I can't download videos drivers because i'm unsure which to download and when I went onto the AMD site i got an erorr message saying contact your dealer as it's not compatible.

My question is simple,How do i fix it?
Btw my laptop is a Sony Vaio VPCCA with Intel i5 and Win 7.Oh, and I know there is a switchable graphics feature, but that wont do any good as I play quite heavy games.

Help please.


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Try re installing Windows 7 fresh. Most laptops have a restore feature accessed during a start up. Laptops do tend to get bogged down with a lot of unnecessary stuff slowing things down and affecting other programs


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Sounds like a serious issue with your graphics card. I'd try getting in contact with the OEM (in your case, Sony) to first acquire a video driver update, then try the clean install Tmagic suggested, and if all else fails, RMA the laptop if possible.