AMD has developed an 8-core desktop APU


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8 Cores cool and shared memory sounds like the development from the XBOX/PS5 had a child and it is an APU with 8 cores and some good enough zoom to flip a bird toward Intel.


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I would hope that they just improve upon the Vega 11 graphics. Vega 11 has some serious power for an iGPU, so I'd say that if they doubled that (what would you call it, Vega 22 maybe), you'd have something powerful enough to play anything out there (aside from Quake II RTX maybe) at 1080p low. Vega 11 can do 1080p low as well, but it can't do some other games.
The most popular GPU on amazon is the NVIDIA GT 710. The reason is people want a more powerful CPU than a budget APU and they need graphics. AMD, by launching this, is removing the problem of wanting more power but no demand for a discrete GPU. Also, the Intel parts with IGPU are not good value and their IGPU is weak compared to AMD.
Agree, I also use Ryzen 5 3500 for my workload (programming & run VM), didn't need powerfull Graphic, so I use GT 710 pair with my Ryzen. If R5 3500 is APU would be better


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That's about where I'm at with these builds. Normally, I do an extended tower with a top CPU and a top GPU. Even in those cases, when the best threshold is at 100% power rating (CPU+GPU combo), my spending keeps me at about 50% to 80%. APU's are now meeting those thresholds.and competing with the discrete combos and honestly I'm not really utilizing all of that power. Unless something comes up, my last tower build will likely be my last and will looking to mini-PC's going forward. I may convert it to a server. Which it really is. When I bought it, I thought I was buying a typical extended tower. It turned out to be to a super extended tower. Phanteks!. Geesh! Got to pay more attention to those dimensions.2x2x1 Ft. roughly. I should have sent it back, but kept it as a shock factor.